"I Have So Much More Energy"

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One of the most common and best non-scale victories we hear inside our New Life Promise community is the increased energy people feel once they begin following the New Life Promise meal plans.

This is such a wonderful side effect of good, healthy eating as it has a lasting positive effect on so many areas of our life...

Our work life

Our family life

Our ability to complete our to do lists each day (ok, maybe this one is not possible... LOL)

But increased energy makes absolutely everything so much better.

So why does this happen? And how can you ensure your energy levels stay high?

First, when you eliminate energy robber #1 – SUGAR – your body can now rely on its natural ability to produce sustainable energy each day. Sugar takes your body through an exhausting roller coaster ride of sugar highs and sugar crashes, and this becomes an unending cycle that just promotes more sugar cravings.

So this one is simple... keep processed sugar to an absolute minimum and use natural forms of sweeteners when a sweetener is required. If you need a little mental refresher on sweeteners and sugar, refer back to the Food Meets Faith manual. Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves why we stay away from the processed white stuff in the first place.

Second, your body is not getting a hefty dose of some micronutrients that may have been missing before. Specifically, this is usually B12 and iron. Foods like beef, salmon, eggs, chicken, and Greek yogurt are good sources of B12; and foods like beef, spinach, turkey, quinoa, and broccoli are healthy sources of iron.

The number one side effect of deficiency in either of these nutrients is fatigue and, believe it or not, studies have shown that 40% of people are deficient in B12. Wow, that's high! But not surprising, since many people are relying on processed foods each day as opposed to healthy, wholesome meals.

Third, you are significantly decreasing inflammation inside your body. Almost every disease has now been linked to some form of inflammation in the body. That includes heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. So not only does decreasing inflammation help you feel more energized during the day, you will be greatly reducing your risk of the most common health problems or helping to drastically improve any present condition you may be suffering from.

On top of the wonderful anti-inflammatory foods you are eating on the New Life Promise program, I also highly recommend a high-quality, organic green drink for those who want to keep their energy high and their inflammation super low. One of the best ones on the market today, with some of the highest-quality ingredients, is Organifi.

Organifi contains some of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients including chlorella, moringa, spirulina, wheatgrass, turmeric, and matcha green tea. Just one scoop every morning can do wonders for bringing down any pesky inflammation that may be in your body.

It's only been 2 months, and I already feel more energetic and happy! My skin looks younger and I'm sleeping better than I have in years. Thank you Organifi! You're making my 58th year the healthiest one yet :) - Beth S.

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You can feel good knowing you are not just following the New Life Promise program for its weight loss benefits, but you're also nourishing your body in a way that allows it to feel all the wonderful energy our bodies are designed to produce.

Ditching the sugar and ensuring you are getting in a variety of nourishing foods (all included in your NLP meal plans) will help you get the most out of each wonderful day the Lord has given us.

If you, like Beth, want to give your body an extra dose of anti-inflammatory ingredients and boost your energy, I highly recommend you give Organifi a try.

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