Where "Food Meets Faith" is the intersection of your relationship with the Lord and the food you use to sustain you which should be enjoyed

The reason why every weight loss program you've tried has eventually failed isn't because you aren't strong enough or you didn't try hard enough. It's simply because...

your focus may have been in the wrong place

Most diet plans focus on what's trendy in the world right now or how to change or "fix" your relationship with food.

We believe that your relationship with God is the key to gaining freedom in food and ultimately life.

We put the focus on God and getting your body back to the way He designed it to be, so you can carry out your purpose in life and take back the freedom, confidence, and peace God has for you


because they are using the power of prayer and the right delicious foods to overcome their past struggles with their weight and dieting.

You may have felt it was wrong to pray about your weight, but I assure you

the Lord wants to be a part of every area of your life.
So please know, it is okay to pray about your weight.

Not only is it ok, it's wonderful because we do it to glorify God and all He has provided for us. We also believe making God a part of your weight loss journey may have been the missing piece in the countless diets you have tried in the past, none of them resulting in the permanent long lasting change that can be found with God.




The plan will guide you through achieving that healthy vibrant body that is possible for you while focusing on glorifying the Lord through the entire journey.

Never again will you feel shame or guilt about your body. You will see yourself as the Lord sees you,

"Perfect in His Sight."


Food Meets Faith Manual

Your pathway to success during your New Life Promise journey which includes both areas for "God Focus" & "Nurtrition Wisdom"

The Total Trifecta of
Weight Loss

28 days of Recipes, Meal Plans, and Shopping Lists.

Cook delicious meals in minutes with our quick and easy, tasty recipes and you'll know exactly what to eat each day with our easy to follow meal plans and shopping lists & "Nutrition Wisdom"

New Lifers Community

Feel loved, supported and encouraged. Hosted in a closed group on FB, it's the easiest, most convenient, and most accessible place to get together with your fellow New Lifers

Church Potluck Recipes

Be a hit at your next church event with our 10 Crowd-Pleasing Church Potluck Dishes.

Heavenly Desserts

Never feel the need to skip dessert again with our 10 Heavenly Dessert Recipes.

On Top of everything else, this plan is

Family Friendly

“If you're just starting and wondering if your family will eat this food. I started thinking I was going to have to make myself separate meals having four kids and a husband that hates healthy food. After just day two my family said no more cooking separate meals they want my food. My husband just came home for lunch and said “I can already feel a huge difference in how I feel”. My husband has never had a weight issue and can eat whatever he wants. He is all for completely changing out all food in our house now. On top of that my grocery bill has gone way down. It is not taking as much food to get my family full. I just can’t believe that my husband wants the same foods I am eating to lose weight!”
- Sarah C

Find your FREEDOM like so
many already have

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This is the first day of the rest of your  NEW life... with the New Life Promise

Sisters in Christ with Real Results,

"So excited, its working! Down 14 lbs. Keeps ya motivated for sure when you see some results. Thanks to all of you for prayers and encouragement. I hope to return the favor. My back pain is almost gone! Usually when standing awhile /chopping all those veggies, it used to really bother me. Now I am virtually pain free! Thanks be to our powerful Lord!”

Anna P.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another

“Today I celebrate the end of my four weeks on New Life Promise. With God’s help and Isabel‘s guidance and daily prayers, I was able to follow this plan 100%. I was shocked I could do without sweeteners in my coffee for the first three weeks, but after the first couple of days... I found it easy. This way of eating for sustenance has brought me so much peace. I no longer stress about what to make for dinner. I don’t go to work unprepared nor do I wind up eating fast food or anything else that might be brought in to our medical offices kitchens. I am grateful for the support of my husband, boss, daughter and best friends. Four weeks of commitment, 10 pounds gone.”


* Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another

"God brought me to New Life Promise, I've lost 20 lbs. and have been in maintenance with LiveSmart for the past 6 weeks of my journey. God is so good. You have a tremendous group of prayer warriors that really care about you and your journey. Just lean into God, and he will give you all the strength you need to succeed."


* Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another

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experience and incredible results in your body with God by your side.