Don’t let “Life” get in the way of achieving and maintaining your incredible weight loss results.

This simple tool can help guarantee your
long-term success.

Hey Isabel here 😊 And I want you to know that I am always here, cheering you on and praying for your incredible success on the New Life Promise Plan...

I want nothing more than for you to effortlessly hold on to your awesome weight loss results.

But, here is the scary truth I see far too often.

You may have even experienced this first hand...

The second you get bored of your food, the prep time becomes exhausting, and you feel completely deprived of all the meals you love, you abandon the entire plan and gain all the weight back.

Or, has this ever happened to you? The first month of your plan, your motivation is high, and your will power is endless, and then as the first month comes and goes, your motivation starts to wane, and your will power feels almost non-existent?

I call this The Meal Plan Fatigue Factor

I totally get it. After 20 years of being a nutritionist, I’ve learned the most important ingredient for long term weight loss success is... to LOVE every delicious morsel of food you put in your mouth.

And it’s not just you it affects. How about your loved ones and friends that seem to unknowingly derail your efforts, even though they probably don’t mean to?


Your significant other was excited at first and now they are asking for more meal variety... they don’t want to eat the same stuff over and over again.

Or your kids start to complain too... ”Not this again Mom.”

I call this The Cranky Family Factor

And now the pressure is on to go back to the old foods you used to make or run through the drive thru. It just feels like that would be easier than dealing with a cranky family.

I’m here to tell you, you never have to have a cranky family or a cranky YOU when it comes to food ever again. I have the tried and true solution to this nagging problem and it’s one I use myself every single day.

But before I show you that...

The #1 dilemma I see people experience when they’re trying to keep their incredible weight loss results long term is...

The Inconvenient Life Factor

Can I get an Amen?!

You know exactly what I'm talking about here. The world doesn’t necessarily make it convenient for you to eat delicious healthy meals.

Situations like...

When you’re traveling and you want to find food you enjoy at the airport, hotel breakfast buffets, or the only restaurants that happen to be close by.

Parties and holiday meals where there are no good food choices and everyone is hounding you to eat whatever is there.

Just plain ‘ol stress eating. You know, those times when life feels so overwhelming the only thing that seems enjoyable at the moment is eating away your emotions.

We’ve all been there. And there is a way to stay strong week after week, month after month without these inconveniences slowly chipping away at your will power and your ability to stay true to your health goals

Here’s how I easily solve for The Meal Plan Fatigue Factor, The Cranky Family Factor, and the Inconvenient Life Factor and I call it:

What if I told you long-term weight loss and health DOES include your favorite meals like pizza, burgers, and mac n cheese... because what is life without pizza, burgers and mac ‘n cheese? It’s not life at all... LOL!

What if you craved healthy meals like Spicy Spaghetti Bolognese, Greek Lemon Chicken or Mexican Jambalaya more than any of the unhealthy processed or fast food you used to eat?

What if you could eat the occasional birthday cake, ice cream at a party, or decadent restaurant dessert completely free of guilt because you knew exactly how to make it part of your new healthy eating strategy?

Get excited because LiveSmart will deliver every month...

The Total Trifecta of Weight Loss – Yes, just like you had all of your meals created for you in the first 28 days of the New Life Promise Plan, I will continue to deliver delicious new meal plans, along with the recipes and shopping lists, every month, making it near impossible for you to ever get bored of your incredible meals. Some of our community favorites are Morning Delight Banana Pancakes, Cheesy Pesto Chicken Bake, and Sirloin Steak Fajitas.

Miraculous Dessert Makeover – Can you tell by now I’m a fan of desserts? Going through life completely staying away from sweet treats is really just not what most people want (it’s not just me right?). Every month, I take a popular dessert recipe and make it a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle. When it comes to cooking and baking, there are some things that can be tweaked and some things that are "chemistry" and I know which to mess with and which not to touch to get awesome results (and help you avoid any recipe disasters). Recipes like Chocolate Almond Butter Fudge Cups, Strawberry Lemon Donuts, and The Most Wonderful Carrot Cake.