You want to strengthen your Body and your Faith, but most exercise plans on the market don’t fit your needs.

They’re lacking in the faith component, to be sure. But they’re also insanely complicated, require an unruly amount of exercise equipment, and seem like they’ll cause more harm than good.

You’re not trying to enter any bodybuilding competitions, you just want to:

  • Be able to move about your day freely without pain
  • Play with your kids or grandkids without huffing and puffing
  • Keep your heart strong and feel the fluidity of healthy joints
  • Maintain critical strength in muscles around your back, shoulders, hips, and knees
  • Feel more energized throughout the day (no more 3pm crash!)
  • And help support your weight loss beyond just addressing your diet

In the past year, my body has done some crazy things, and I’ve learned so much in the process of healing. I know God can take even our greatest struggles and use them for His good and His glory. So I keep on healing, learning, and appreciating this body God has given me.

One of the top ways I do that is through regular exercise that’s both gentle and strengthening.

Beating our bodies into submission isn’t the way

And it’s certainly not what He wants for us.

To know me and my work is to know that I believe God must be a part of your journey to lasting weight loss.

You may be thinking you’re lacking in willpower, or you may even believe your weight loss and strength-building journey is hopeless. I’m here to tell you all those thoughts are a lie.

As Christians, our weight loss and wellness journeys are not just physical; they’re spiritual. When we put the focus where it should be—on God and getting your body back to the way He designed it to be—this will help you take back the freedom, confidence, and peace that God already has for you.

That’s exactly why I developed my BodyFIT Foundations program.

BodyFIT Foundations was created specifically for those who want to strengthen their body in a God-loving way.

A powerful blend of workouts that leads you to freedom, flexibility, and strength on a path rooted in God’s guidance. Because when you rely on God’s strength, you can gain even more of your own.

BodyFIT Foundations is the perfect program to help you build a foundation for the movements your body does every day of your life.

You will reach, bend, and twist—all in a way that will not just get you in great shape but will keep you in a great place physically to continue to do all the activities you want to do in daily life. We’ve all heard of the person who bent down to tie their shoe and threw out their back or simply went to reach for something and hurt their shoulder.

Well, this program will ensure that all your movement patterns are ready for the normal activities of daily life and, as I mentioned, get you into great shape.

What you’re not going to find in this program is a ton of fancy and complicated exercise moves.

Sure, there’s a time and place for that, and those types of exercises can be fun to include in some workouts. But again, I want to emphasize that we’re building a foundation here so you can participate in all those types of workouts in the future with no problem at all.

You’ll even find that activities like walking, hiking, biking, and running after your kids or grandchildren are going to feel much, much easier than ever before!

Plus, what’s great about these workouts is they can be modified to be used for anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned exerciser.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with BodyFIT Foundations:

Do-Anywhere Workout Videos: Follow along with Isabel as she walks you through four different workouts designed to increase your mobility and body strength, plus a warm-up and stretching and foam-rolling routines.

An Easy-to-Follow Exercise Guide: Most exercise plans are unnecessarily and overwhelmingly complicated, leading participants to quit before they even get going. Not Fit Foundations! We’ve created an easy-to-follow exercise guide to get you started on the right foot, covering everything you need to know (and only what you need to know!) This includes an overview of the entire plan, what to expect, the minimal equipment required, specific modifications you can make, and how to use your calendar.

Monthly Workout Calendar:
This simple and straightforward four-week calendar shows you exactly which workouts to perform on which days, when to combine foam rolling, and what days to do a gentle walk or take off for rest. You can repeat this four-week cycle as many times as you desire for continued strength building. Easy peasy!

God-Focused Workout Cards: These cards break down everything you need to know for each workout and include a specific focus and bible verses to help you deepen into your faith while you strengthen your body to meet all your most important goals and missions. You’ll also get cards to break down your warm-up, foam rolling, and stretches!

God has an incredible plan for you, for me, for every person He’s created. But many people are still imprisoned by the pain and extra weight their bodies carry.

If you’re waking up in the morning worried about your health, feel uncomfortable with your weight, or are in pain and struggling to get out of bed, how can you carry out the wonderful divine plan God has for your life?

This doesn’t have to be your story anymore.

I’m here to guide you through an incredible journey of finding freedom in your body using this simple, easy-to-follow fitness plan while growing closer to God.

My powerful BodyFIT Foundations program is only $27— and you’ll get instant access to all the materials as soon as you purchase!

All you need to do is use the workouts and calendar provided, and you will feel:

  • The extra weight easily fall off and stay off
  • Pain in your body ease and subside in time
  • More easily able to be active in all the ways that matter
  • Invigorated after a restful night's sleep
  • Fantastic and energized every single day

You will also learn how to deepen your relationship with God through daily movement as you work back to having the body that He intended for you!

Here’s what people have to say after using BodyFIT Foundations for themselves:

"Just wanted to share that I started Isabel’s BodyFit Foundations program and I am loving it! The warm up and the exercises are just enough for me as I have Fibromyalgia—the stretching video and the foam roller video are so helpful and I plan to do those a few times a week in addition to walking on the elliptical which I find helps my mood." -Tracy A.

"I purchased Isabel's BodyFit Foundations and really like how it is organized. A chart that says what to do what day and modifications for those of us who can't get on the floor yet. Isabel is very patient and encouraging in the videos. She prays and reads a scripture. I HATE exercising but she reminded me that is another way to love the temple God has given me. So here I go......." -Linda G.