Rutgers’s University Holistic Nutrition Coach Reveals: 

“How This Faith Based Approach To Food & Health Helped 115,000+ Christians Reclaim Their God-Given Health Without Sacrificing Their Favorite Foods...

Even if they’re tried every diet, exercise plan, or fad

(which may have gone against the Lord’s plans)!”

I am going to speak candidly and compassionately towards you, my fellow Christian, as I feel like I’ve been called by God to deliver a message of power and hope to you.

You are not here by accident.

In Christ there is no coincidence or luck. I believe we found each other because you’ve been anxious about your health and your weight in some way, and God knew exactly what you needed.

He always knows, just like I knew I had to create this message for you. Who am I? My name is Isabel, and I’m a mom to two adorable boys, a wife to an incredible husband, and a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

I’m also a certified nutritionist and the author of several very successful nutrition programs that have helped two million people around the globe through the internet. Yes, I love that I’ve been able to do that.

What I love even more is being involved with my church family, leading the women’s ministry, teaching the high school Sunday School class with my husband, and spending time sharing Jesus’s message as much as I can. Even though my programs have helped millions of people all over the world, I have this overwhelming conviction that the Lord was calling me to reach out and help His people, to help them break the chains of a form of slavery they may not even be aware exists.

These chains can be holding them back from completely fulfilling the plan God has for their life. I promise you this; there is no judgment here; no judgment about your health, your weight, or even your walk with the Lord.

This is a call to an awakening

an awakening to the truth that you are a child of God and that feeling great everyday in your body is well within your reach.

As much as the internet is a useful tool for sharing information, it’s also one of the tools to guilt and shame you into feeling terrible about yourself between the pictures on social media of seemingly perfect people, the advertisements designed to make you feel like you’re not enough, and the constant comparison to the overly rosy version of other people’s lives,

Guilt and shame are never from God

Guilt and shame are the instruments of deception used to paralyze us in every area of our lives slowly and sneakily so we don’t even know it’s happening to us. Conviction, on the other hand, is from the Lord.

Where shame and guilt are the devil pointing his nasty finger at you and telling you all the things you’ve done wrong...

Conviction is God holding your hand and lovingly telling you that you need to change
and then walking with you as you make those changes.

The great news for you is there is a way you can release yourself from this guilt and shame and break the chains that bind you to this enslavement and instead lovingly walk with the Lord to create true change in your life.

It’s something you’ve probably never heard of before, not in books, not from the media, and definitely not on the internet. How did I come to discover all of this, you may be wondering? It was one event with one of the people I adore most in my life that opened my eyes and heart to the real struggle people are suffering from. That person was my own mother.

Now, pay close attention because:

I Believe This Story Could Be Why God Called You Here Right Now

You see, on June 10, 2007 my entire life was radically transformed in less than a single day. After four long and painful years of being on dialysis, my mom got the call she was waiting for. “Pilar? We have a kidney for you.”

If you’re not familiar with dialysis, it’s a life-saving treatment that is used once your kidneys are no longer functioning on their own. My mom’s 15-year battle with type 2 diabetes resulted in a long list of terrible side effects and damaged, shut-down kidneys was one of them.

Years before her kidneys shut down and she was struggling with her diabetes, I pleaded with her many times to eat healthier and stay away from those foods she knew made her blood sugar skyrocket. My advice fell on deaf ears. There was a part of her that wanted to change, but the stress of working full time and taking care of a family was so overwhelming she used food and sweets as her source of comfort.

Have you ever felt that way where life was just more than you could handle and food was the only thing that would make you feel better?

I felt Powerless not to be able to help her.

Here I was starting my career out as a nutritionist, and I couldn’t even help my own mother. Eventually her out-of-control diabetes damaged her kidneys and made dialysis a necessity. Dialysis is designed to save your life, but it will slowly kill you in the process.

Four hours a day, three days a week you’re attached to a machine that is meant to keep you alive, but you suffer the side effects like nausea, vomiting, overwhelming fatigue, only to repeat the process two days later.

My mom was being kept alive, but she was no longer living.

We went through four years of this, and it was incredibly scary. It seemed cruel and beyond horrific.

Going through the intense eight-hour transplant surgery on my mom’s fragile body was a huge risk. The doctors didn’t know if she would make it, but it was a risk my mom was willing to take. If she got the transplant, she could die on the operating table. If she didn’t, she could die a slow death spending her life attached to a machine.

I was in my own fragile state at the time. My life had taken its own downward spiral. I was in mountains of debt. I was miserable after a failed five-year relationship, and I was terrified that I would lose my mom at any moment. What I know now that I didn’t know back then is that God uses these painful times in our lives to grow us and mold us into a better version of ourselves. That’s not how I felt at the time.

You see, I wasn’t a Christian then. I had gone to church with a friend a few times, but it wasn’t until that scary day in the Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia that I decided to completely change my relationship with Christ.

Minutes after they wheeled my mom into surgery at exactly 8:00 a.m. in the morning, I walked downstairs in the hospital right into the small chapel. It was almost like it wasn’t me that was leading me there. My body just went, directed by something much more powerful than myself.

Have you ever felt that way? God directly led you somewhere and when you arrived you didn’t even know how you got there?

I walked into the small, dark room. I was all by myself, but I felt a presence in the room that was so real, I kept looking around to see if there was another person in the room that maybe I had missed when I walked in.

There was no other human there, but I promise you the Holy Spirit was there with me.

I was overcome by a feeling of peace, hope, and unconditional love, more than I had ever imagined possible.

My life was just not working and if I was going to get through whatever was coming next with my mom, I knew I was going to need a strength that was so much bigger than what I had on my own.

In that room in that moment, I got on my knees and surrendered my life to Christ right then and there. Immediately I felt like I was no longer alone on this journey, that God would be there with me no matter what was waiting for me outside those chapel doors.

Eight hours later my mom was wheeled out of surgery, and the transplant was a success. The doctors were just as shocked as I was, but I knew God had everything to do with this miracle. Then a few hours later, the next miracle came. Once my mom woke up in the recovery room, she looked at me with a determination in her eyes I had never seen before and said, “Isabel, from this point forward I will do everything you tell me to do to take care of my body.”

Those years of sharing the right nutrition principles with my mom finally paid off all on God’s timeline, not mine.

On that day after this transplant, she wanted to change. She was shaken up.

Sometimes God has to shake us up A Little Bit So We’ll Finally Listen.

I wonder if He’s shaking you up in some way right now.

There was also something so absolutely incredible about this moment that I didn’t realize until much later. I wasn’t able to see it then because I was still a baby Christian, only hours old. I didn’t know the Bible. I hadn’t put on the full armor of God yet. This was the beginning of my own journey as well.

What I can see now is that my surrender to Christ and my mom’s surrender to changing her life and taking care of her body were both deeply connected. This was not a coincidence. Remember, I don’t believe in coincidences or chance luck. This was the hand of God at work in both of our lives

I wish I could tell you that everything was sunshine and rainbows from that point forward. It wasn’t. My mom was really trying her hardest to eat better. She was trying to resist the temptation of sweets, trying to make better food choices, but it was still a real agonizing struggle for her.

We all know how hard change can be.

You want to change. You want to make different choices, but it almost feels like you have no control over yourself and your actions. At the time I just didn’t get it. Wasn’t going through a potentially near-death experience scary enough to change everything she did from that point forward? Wasn’t the second chance at life worth not having the cakes, the cookies, the fast food?

Then the aha moment I needed came out of nowhere, the moment the Lord revealed me the real reason why my mom was struggling so much with food. I was taking a course about money at our local church. As I was sitting there learning about how to take control of my finances and get out of debt, the teacher said these words that just stopped me in my tracks.

If you’re walking around each day constantly worried about money or how you’re going to pay your bills, then you’re not able to truly focus on and carry out the wonderful plan and purpose God has for your life. If you manage your money in the way God designed, this burden of worry, this struggle will be released.

God has an incredible plan for you, for me, for every person He’s created. Many people are still imprisoned by food and their bodies. They’re not able to see that plan through.

We’ve also not been approaching our weight and health struggles God’s way. That was the reason my mother was unable to truly overcome her struggle with food. She was not surrendering this area of her life to Christ, allowing Him to be her strength when she was weak.

Many people don’t even think to approach their weight loss alongside God. Here we’re relying on our own strength, but our strength is fleeting. Our will power comes and goes, but His strength can endure anything.

I knew just like every other area of my life

The Answer to This Battle
is in God's Word

Any time I encountered a problem, I knew I could rely on the Bible for the answer, and this was no different. It didn’t take me very long to see where it was as plain as day right in the first book of the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis. The fact that God created the entire universe in seven days just struck me like there was something there for us.

Seven is one of the most significant numbers in the Bible. It is the number of spiritual perfection. It is the number of completeness and is stamped on every work of God.

That made me think if seven is the number of spiritual perfection, can we significantly change our mind and our bodies in seven short days to take care of ourselves in a way that would be glorifying to God?

It was almost like God told me through His word do it just like this.

Recreate your body and your mind the way I created the world.

I immediately thought about 2 Corinthians 5:17. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here.”

Can we so quickly be a new creation and not have it take weeks, months, or even years? Yes, God’s word says we can. Now, I’m in no way saying that we have the same skills as God. His power and ability is beyond our understanding. What we can do is try our hardest to model who He is, the things He’s done, and how He did them.

I got right to work creating what I now call the New Life Promise. It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of time, a lot of trial and error. Once I had it, I knew it was my job to get it out into the world. The New Life Promise is a systematic approach I’ve designed to not just change ourselves physically, but to recreate ourselves mentally and spiritually.

From this point forward taking care of our bodies is no longer tedious, exhausting, or miserable in any way. That is probably how you approached weight loss before and how most of the world approaches it. The reality is it’s just not working.

As Christians we are called to be set apart, to not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. That’s exactly what our goal will be following the New Life Promise. This system I want to share with you is a weight loss and nutrition plan created specifically for you, my fellow Christian, and all Christians alike.

It aligns with the number seven, which is God’s number for perfection and completeness. It is a system by which you will experience true spiritual, emotional, and physical change in your body.

Yes, many of those changes will occur in those first seven days. If you’re thinking this is just another faith-based program that’s going to give you a list of foods named in the Bible to eat and not eat, that’s not what this is all about.

Nor do I think using that method is completely accurate. The foods permitted in the Old Testament were clearly different than those in the New Testament. Daniel chose to just eat plants for some time, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with eating meat.

If we just pull out scriptures about food and interpret them to mean what we want them to mean, we’re misinterpreting their intention. We never want to twist God’s word for our own benefit. Instead of focusing solely on good versus bad food, we’re going to focus on your relationship with God along with eating all the wholesome, delicious foods He intended us to eat.

  • You will feel your cravings go away
  • You will lose weight easily
  • You'll feel the pain in your body dramatically subside
  • You'll see your blood sugar numbers come into control
  • Your Body will just feel amazingly better

I’ve actually heard some people call it miraculous.

Even if you’ve tried every popular diet out there without lasting results, even if you’re been told you have bad genetics, even if you’ve been told you have a thyroid condition, even if you’re currently on a long list of medications, you have never tried something quite like this before.

This Is About a Spiritual Renewal

One where you are transformed by His promises and walking the path that He has so clearly set out for you, one that we will walk together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Let me help you live the life God intended you to live, and in the process you will inspire others to do the same.

It’s important that I mention that this isn’t just another internet diet plan that’s going to tell you all the things you can’t eat and all the things you need to radically change in your life. Sure, you’ll have some shifts you’ll need to make in your eating, but just getting a list of do’s and don’ts isn’t where true change comes from.

This is also not some extreme crash diet that will have you counting calories all day long. We’ll spend more time counting the blessings God is giving you than counting every morsel of food you put in your body and every calorie you eat.

This is also not a plan full of guilt and shaming in an effort to make better choices. My goal is to help you feel better, not worse, and to show you how God lovingly can guide you to change.

I believe God called me to create this plan.

I’ve been using sound nutritional principles and effective programs to help people succeed with their weight loss for over 20 years

Now He wanted me to use those successful weight loss principles along with His word and His guidance to create something that would have a true impact on my fellow Christians.

I just love how God works in our lives. God had been dropping hints to me over the past few years through the testimonies of these incredible people who are following my programs to show me that a nutrition plan alone was not the answer.

These people have become my heroes because God worked through them to show me what people needed most, people like Jan who said:

“I love this way of eating. I feel great all the time. Blood pressure meds are finally needing to be lowered. I am a firm believer that God made food to be our medicine. Looking forward to staying healthy!”

... and Kathleen who said:

"I thank God every day for so many wonderful blessings in my life. I am thanking Him today for Isabel. She is truly an inspiration to me, and I pray she is for you too. God bless.”

... or Rebecca

“I’m getting healthier and healthier, feeling better and better in every way every day by the grace of God and Isabel’s plan for wellness through healthy eating and living. Stay strong.”

Maybe He’s been dropping hints to you too, and you haven’t acted on them. That’s okay. It took me quite some time to recognize His message to me. You’re here now.

Take that as your ultimate hint...

Today is The Day To Make The Changes You Know You Need To Make.

Now look, if you’re just interested in using the nutrition plan to lose weight without making God a part of your journey, this is probably not the right place for you. Sure you’ll lose weight because my weight loss programs are incredibly effective, but I want a real deep, powerful change for you.

I want this to be the last time you ever have to search for a weight loss plan ever again. In order to do that, I strongly believe God must be a part of that journey. If you’ve already been down the path of agonizing diets and you’re ready to try something completely different, something that’s going to work without the hunger or deprivation, shame, guilt, or torture, it’s time to let God intercede and deliver you from this burden in your life.

Before I reveal to you the true game changer, let me show you the secret behind why so many people, hundreds of thousands, have lost significant amounts of weight using my programs.

I have a three step system I’ve successfully used now for two decades to get those magnificent results.

Now I’ve enhanced that same three-step system to create what I call my Total Trifecta of Weight Loss.

Here’s exactly how it works. First, I find delicious recipes that only use the foods that I know stimulate your metabolism in ways that keep your body burning fat throughout the day. I make sure these recipes are easy to make, using readily available ingredients, and only take minutes to prepare. I do not include any overly complicated recipes.

Next, I take those recipes and put them together in meal plans that are specific to weight loss. How do I do that? I take the time to calculate the exact amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats in each meal to ensure the ratio is in line with the fat burning ratios I know work so well. No, you won’t have to do any calculations like that because I do all of that for you.

Lastly, I give you detailed shopping lists so you know exactly what you need to buy and how to easily find those foods in your supermarket or even online.

Why does this three-step system work so well?

I am essentially doing all of the hard work for you besides cooking the actually food, that is. When I take all of this guess work off your plate, you can focus on just making and enjoying the delicious food and enjoying your weight loss too.

People have told me I’ve saved them days of time, frustration, and confusion. You’ll skip the overwhelm.

You won’t have to go through the trial and error, and you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money on any unnecessary products you don’t need.

You’re going to have every single one of your meals all laid out for you for the first seven days along with the recipes and the shopping list, everything you need.

Then I’ve added in the next three weeks as well after that. Remember, this is about you being successful, and it’s my job to make sure you have every tool you need to make that happen.

Now hold onto your hats. Here’s the true game changer I was telling you about where the spiritual integration makes this plan so unique.

Inside your New Life Promise plan, along with the meal plans, recipes, and shopping guide, you’re going to get the Food Meets Faith handbook.

This is no ordinary handbook. It’s where the powerful word of God comes in. Here we will be creating the foundation for a lifetime of freedom from food in the first seven days of your plan. This handbook is going to guide you through every step of that, day by day.

On DAY ONE, God separated light from darkness. This day is so important because the first thing I’m going to show you is that you absolutely don’t need to lose weight if you don’t want to. I know, that may sound contradictory to everything I just talked about. When you see the shift I’m going to teach you on this first day, every day moving forward will be so much easier. Every change will just flow and feel seamless. The struggle will be gone.

On DAY TWO, God separated the waters above from the waters below. This second day is important because we need to separate what’s working in our life from what’s not working. You may just think it’s sweets or fast food, but I’m going to show you that it’s much deeper than that and that the food itself is not really the problem.

On DAY THREE, God parted the seas and dry land appears. He also commanded the earth to bring forth plant life. Now we’ll start simplifying the most effective aspects of weight loss so you can get the best results in the least amount of time. My goal for you is to feel good in your body, and I don’t want you to have to wait weeks to get there.

We’ll continue on like that one day at a time until we get all the way to DAY SEVEN. That’s exactly what you’ll find inside your own personal New Life Promise plan. Not only that, for every day this handbook includes two components

First a section called GOD FOCUS, which is a portion of what I just described to you where you’re going to be taking small but powerful steps towards aligning your focus, your life, and your eating with God’s ultimate purpose for you.

Now, I’m not claiming that I know exactly what your purpose is. It could be you’re going to change the world or it could be you’re going to spend more quality time with your kids.

Whatver this is for you...

the New Life Promise will give you a process so you can discover exactly what that looks like while honoring and taking care of your body at the same time.

The second component, the daily NUTRITION WISDOM.

This is where I’m going to cut through the overwhelming amount of nutrition information that’s available online.

Eliminate the "hypey" fad nonsense that you’re bombarded with every day

And arm you with the sound nutritional principles that you can apply at home, when you’re out, while you’re traveling, the whole time feeling tremendous inner peace with all your eating decisions, even at those potluck dinners at church.

Speaking of inner peace, I wanted to determine a price for this plan that would make it readily available to all Christians and would honor the message God had given me. I don’t want price to stop anyone from having access to the New Life Promise plan.

When I was seeing clients in my office I was charging $200 an hour for the first consultation alone. Although you’ll get more value from this plan than $200 worth, that price seemed a little over the top.

I asked myself what would be a reasonable price to pay each day for the seven days of the program based on everything you would be getting each day? Eleven dollars a day seemed like it would be more than fair, but a far as I’m concerned, all Christians are like family to me. I wanted to figure out what a family discount would look like.

Before I get to that, I want to tell you about another piece of the plan that I absolutely could not leave out. As Christians, we are called to FELLOWSHIP. We are called to be in communion with each other as believers and be available to encourage each other, share God’s word, and pray together.

I can’t tell you how many times it has been my dear friends at church that have helped me through some incredibly difficult times in my life. That is why I am so passionate about leading the women’s ministry at church.

Together along with Christ we are so much stronger than we are by ourselves.

When You Begin Your New Life Promise Plan, You Will Immediately Become a Part Of Our New Life Promise Family

This an exclusive community I’ve created where everyone who is following the New Life Promise plan can come together in one place. This will be a safe place where you can freely share your struggles, your needs, and also be there to help others who may need encouragement.

It’s such a blessing when we can be there for each other, isn’t it?

This is also the place to get all the answers to any of your questions.

You may be in a situation right now at home or at work where many of the people closest to you just don’t quite understand your struggle with food or your weight. That’s okay.

Even if they don’t, you have your New Life Promise family that does understand exactly where you are right now. As I was thinking about support and some of the greatest challenges Christians face when it comes to food, one of your greatest challenges may even be at church. I totally get it.

Here in the South where I live, the staple foods are heavy casseroles, fried foods, and tons of sugary desserts; I mean, tons of desserts. Many of my friends at church love it when I bring healthier food options.

It would be great if you could do the same. I want to add an exclusive BONUS to your plan.

I want you to be able to deliver crowd-pleasing meals at church events or any events, for that matter.

You’ll be the hit of the party with these delicious meals, and you’ll be so surprised at how many people will be super grateful that you brought something healthy that they can’t stop eating. I’m sorry to say, there won’t be any leftovers. I know this first hand.

Today because I know you’re someone who values your faith and your health, I want to give you the New Life Promise plan which includes

  • Your Food Meets Faith handbook
  • My Total Trifecta of Weight Loss
  • The Meal Plans
  • The Shopping Lists
  • And the Recipes
  • And the ten crowd-pleasing church potluck dishes

Not for $11 a day

I want to give you my personal family discount down to $7 a day for one-time payment of $49. Seven just felt right. This is not a monthly charge. Pay once for your plan, and it’s yours for a lifetime.

I have to share with you how amazing God is. Members have been so happy and so blown away by how this program has impacted them. The only addition they asked for was a physical book in their hands so they could keep a copy in their kitchen, take it with them to the grocery store, or even read it in their bathtub. Yup, I love reading in the bathtub.

I strongly believe God moved mountains and made it possible for us to include a physical copy of the New Life Promise plan, delivered right to your door for only the cost of shipping.

That’s right. Praise the Lord! He made it possible for us to send you the book completely free for only the small amount it costs to get it to your door.

The weight loss, the improved health, the great report from your doctor ...YES! You’re going to experience all those wonderful things using the New Life Promise plan.

Do you know where the true fulfillment will come from? It will be knowing that you are taking care of yourself and your life the way God wants you to. It will be you focused on God, not just on your body. That’s where the true happiness will come from.

You’ll feel freedom in your body, and you’ll feel like you’re on purpose because you will be just like Kara...

“I’ve lost over 20 pounds and kept it off. I struggled my entire life with gut issues, and I’ve seen them improve dramatically. I’m in better shape at 47 than I was at 27.
I’m a mom of 8 beautiful children, ages 21 to 3-1/2. I’m more fit and feel better than most people half my age. The money invested is so worth it. There are no gimmicks here, just solid advice.” - Kara

Remember I said it would be $7 a day for 7 days? I did promise you the next 3 weeks of my Total Trifecta of Weight Loss, the meal plans, the recipes, and the shopping guide for a full 28 days on the plan?

As part of my new family, I’m going to gift those to you. No charge for those additional three weeks. You’ll see how effective 28 days really is.

“Wonderful plan! My husband and I followed the 28-day plan using the shopping list and menu with recipes. My husband lost 40 pounds, and I lost 18. We both have more energy, and my gut issues decreased considerably.
We continue to eat recipes that were provided. I am very thankful. The money invested was well spent. Previously we had tried shakes, which were very expensive. It feels healthy to eat real organic food!” -Marie

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Isabel, am I going to be able to eat any sweets at all? Even if you weren’t thinking that, I have some good news for you. Yes, sweets can be a delicious part of your healthy weight loss plan.

I’m going to show you exactly how. I’m going to include one more gift for you.

This Program Is Not About Deprivation At All

I want you to enjoy everything you’re eating. I’ve created Heavenly Desserts, which includes ten of the most sought after dessert recipes I know. I love desserts, and so does my family. We make sweet treats at my house every single week.

The trick is we make desserts with the right ingredients to align perfectly with the nutrition principles I’ll teach you in your plan. These healthy versions don’t taste like healthy versions of desserts, if you know what I mean. I’m giving you proven recipes that I’ve received hundreds of compliments on. By the way, you can take these to church too.

“I went on at trip two weeks ago, packed my cooler, and took an untried batch of Almond Butter Zucchini Brownies with me. Let me tell you, what a treat it was. I didn’t know what a gem I’d found when I packed that cooler and headed out. These are truly to die for and won’t set you back on your goals” -Teen

To sum it all up, you’ll get the Food Meets Faith handbook, my Total Trifecta of Weight Loss, the New Life Promise family community, the Ten Crowd-Pleasing Church Potluck Dishes, and my Ten Heavenly Dessert Recipes...

All for the low,
one-time price of $49.

Your success, not just on the weight loss plan, but also on the spiritual plan is what’s most important.

If you don’t feel more fulfilled in the first foundational 7 days, I will give you 100% of your money back. If you don’t feel more fulfilled in 28 days when you finish my Total Trifecta of Weight Loss, I will give you 100% of your money back.

If you decide to do the entire plan twice and don’t feel more fulfilled in 60 days, I will give you 100% of your money back. If you don’t feel more confident, more loved, and more freedom around your body and food, I will give you 100% of your money back.

This is my New Life Promise guarantee, your fulfillment in a way that you feel taken care of in the next 60 days or I will give you 100% of your money back.

There Is Something Else That The Lord Has Also Put On My Heart Along With Creating This Program For You...

Five years ago my husband and I decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International.

Compassion is a Christian organization that provides food, medical care, schooling, mentoring, and a safe environment through local churches for children in poverty-stricken areas. This is our sponsored child, Christian. He is now nine years old and lives in a poor village in Peru.

I was particularly drawn to this little boy because my oldest son’s name is Christian, and my dad is from Peru. It just felt perfect.

Probably the biggest surprise during these five years of being a part of his life is that here I thought we were going to be the blessing to this little boy. I know we have, but he has been a true blessing to us.

Every month we receive letters from him, and he tells us how he’s doing in school, how his family is doing, and all the wonderful activities he’s involved in through his church. I just don’t know if he would have all these opportunities in his life if not for an organization like Compassion leading this effort.

Compassion is not just helping to provide for Christian and his family financially, but they’re also providing spiritually where he now has more opportunities to hear the gospel and hear about how much Jesus loves him.

A portion of your investment in New Life Promise will be donated to continue to sponsor more children through Compassion International.

You may think what I’m about to tell you is crazy, but...

My Goal Is To Sponsor 100 Children By The End Of This Year

I know it’s a huge goal, but I truly believe with God all things are possible. When we do accomplish that goal, I’ll be able to say it wasn’t because of me that we did it. It was because of God and you that we were able to support so many children around the world.

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You won’t just be starting another diet program. You will be joining a movement of fellow new lifers who want to end the overwhelming enslavement to food that is happening all around us in our communities, in our churches, and in our homes.

Take this leap of faith that this time your struggle with your weight can come to an end.

It’s not just faith in me or the New Life Promise plan, it’s faith in yourself and in God that together you can finally end the struggle for yourself once and for all.

If you’re wondering how my mom is doing, well, three years ago she went on to be with the Lord. You’ll be happy to hear that she did come to know Christ during that time after her transplant.

She was not only given a new life because of the kidney, she also received a new life in Christ. Her kidney transplant did give her the reset she needed. Then it was up to her to make the changes in her eating and how she was living.

Thankfully, with God’s help, she was able to extend her life another nine years. She was able to experience the joy of seeing all three of her grandsons come into this world and be an important part of their lives. All three of them still talk about her today.

She passed when she contracted pneumonia. The doctors were not able to give her the necessary treatments due to the immunosuppressant medication she was on for her transplanted kidney.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder would she still be here today if she had made the decision to change her health sooner? Would she have needed dialysis or a transplant if her diabetes had not gotten so out of control in the first place?

I’ll never know the answer to those questions, nor do I want them. I 100% trust God in His ultimate plan for each of us.

What if it hadn’t all happened the way it did? Would I have ever surrendered my life to Christ? Would I be so passionate about nutrition? Would I have written nutrition programs that have now helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world? Would you be here right now reading this letter? Probably not.

I will trust that God’s plan for me and you is absolutely perfect.

Remember, you’re not here by accident. When God calls you to do something, it’s time to step out in faith and do it. I pray that today’s message has blessed you in many ways. I would like to conclude by first thanking you for spending this time with me today.

Above all else, I want to thank God for giving me this message to share with you and giving me the ability to do this work in the world. I am forever grateful for how He’s changed my life for the better since that day in the hospital chapel.

I know He continues to guide our every step.

Just in case you still have some unanswered questions...

Here Are A Few Of Our
Most Frequently Asked Questions

“Isabel, I’m getting a lot more attention and lots of compliments from family and friends. Although I love how I look, this makes me uncomfortable at times. How do I handle this?”

I completely understand that sometimes increased attention to ourselves can feel a little weird. Use this time as an opportunity to give all the glory and the recognition to God for helping you overcome your weight struggles. It could open up as a possibility to share Jesus’s message with so many people in your life.

“Isabel, it seems like my blood sugar is much lower since using your meal plans. Should I reduce my diabetes medication?”

Many diabetics and even those people taking cholesterol and blood pressure medication have told us that their numbers have lowered naturally using our meal plans. It is important that you see your doctor and let him know about your new eating plan. Your doctor can determine how best to lower your medications.

“My energy is so high during the day sometimes I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep. I actually am sleeping better than ever, but how is this happening?”

Increased energy throughout the day is one of the wonderful benefits of our eating plans. By fueling your body with just the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat each day, you’ll be keeping your blood sugar stable and will experience consistent energy without any crashes throughout the day. You will also be regulating your body’s release of cortisol throughout the day and melatonin at night, giving you the energy you need in the day time and the ability to sleep well at night.

“Isabel, somehow it takes me less time and less money to eat on this plan than what I was doing before. How is that possible?”

Many members have told me that our meal plans have actually saved them countless hours of trying to figure out what they should be eating and how they should be managing their current health. Many people have also told me our programs have saved them money because they are no longer being wasteful with food, and they’re buying less expensive packaged foods.

“I’m so happy with this new way of life. My body feels so much better, and I feel so much closer to God. I also feel so much closer to my spouse as well, if you know what I mean. Is there something in these foods that is causing us to go back to how we were when we were first married?”

Renewed sexual intimacy is a wonderful side effect of giving your body the foods it truly needs, but it is often not talked about. Yes, these foods are naturally energizing to all systems of our body. Members have also told me it’s their increased self-confidence that affects their relationship and intimacy with their spouse.

“What if my kids love the food I’m eating and want to follow the plan too? Is it okay for kids to follow?”

Yes, your children can absolutely eat the same foods you’re eating. Not only are these foods safe for them, they are absolutely nourishing and can contribute greatly to their good health. Depending on their size and age, their portions may need to be modified, larger or smaller.

Thank you again. I’m so grateful to be on this path with you, and I look forward to seeing the incredible blessings God has in store for you. Make sure to click the button below and start your New Life Promise plan today. I look forward to seeing you there.

All for the low,
one-time price of $49.

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