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Whether it's your family, friends, church group, co-workers, or neighbors... who you choose for your group and the size of the group is entirely up to you!

Invite your group members to join your NLP study group.

In your download email, you will receive a special link to share with your group members so they can join the New Life Promise program. Each member of your group will need their own personal membership (unless they are in the same household – households can share a membership).

Lead your group in-person, or virtually.

To get the most out of your group we recommend meeting once a week, but there’s no wrong time or place to do it. The most important thing is that you’re connecting, supporting, and encouraging each other regularly.

Stay connected inside the New Life Promise Family community.

We would love to pray for your group! We are also available to answer any questions you or your group members may have inside the New Life Promise Family community. Please ensure you and your group members have joined the group using the link shared in your Leader's Guide and program materials.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the support and encouragement of building your own group and community!

Bonus: Group Leader Starter Tips!

A love of God and a willingness to lead are all you need to be successful in starting your group. But even so, we want to give you as much support and help as you need, so here are some bonus tips to get you started....

#1 Create openness from the beginning. It can be difficult for some to open up about challenges they face in the beginning of the program. Old habits are hard to break! But one of the ways everyone is going to be successful is to share those challenges with each other, and with God, so that you can pray and overcome them. When the whole group is behind you trying to troubleshoot, guide you through, and pray for you, you feel empowered and are much more likely to succeed.

#2 Celebrate the big and small. Everyone is on their own journey, and the speed and path that takes can be different. This can sometimes turn into competition or feeling like a failure if the scales don’t shift. The New Life Promise program is a lifestyle change, and that means there are many more victories to celebrate than just the number on the scale. From the beginning, stress the value of non-scale victories (we mention this in the Leader’s Guide too) as well as things to be thankful for. If the scales don’t move one week but you feel closer to God than you’ve ever been, that’s an incredible victory! So make sure to celebrate all types of "wins" in your group.

#3 Don’t feel like you need to be an expert. This study group program was created so that you can lead without being a qualified nutritionist, doctor, or health expert. Your group is about building support and accountability with each other for a healthy, faith-focused life. Everything else, we can help you with in both the New Life Promise program and the Leader’s Guide!