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Most of us neglect the fact that our bodies are designed for rest. That's right. God designed us to rest after hard work.

Unfortunately, an inadequate amount of rest and relaxation is one of the top reasons I see many people (especially women) fail in their weight loss efforts.

Here are some simple strategies you can begin using today to help you get the rest your body was designed to have every day.

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Often times, it's not that there are no healthy choices on the menu, it's that there are far too many unhealthy temptations. So the challenge is not finding something on the menu that would easily fit into your healthy eating plan, the true challenge is saying "no" to every item – on the menu, on the table, or even on your plate – that may derail you from your healthy eating plan.

No situation will ever be perfect, but you can arm yourself with the right tools to make any dining-out experience much easier on yourself.

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When we hear the word "diet," we often think of a very rigid form of eating that requires a lot of limitations and sacrifices and does not allow for any flexibility. That may have been the way you have tried to lose weight in the past... rigid limitations with no flexibility.

But diets don't work in the long term. What does work is a new approach to a healthy life and a new perspective on fueling your body in a way that is glorifying to our Lord.