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Mornings can be tough, even for the most organized person. With work, kiddos who need to get ready for school, and a to-do list that gets longer by the minute, it may be hard to feel like you can fit in all your healthy habits in the morning. Mornings don't have to be crazy and frantic though! Just a few simple tweaks can help you get a healthy and peaceful start to your day.

In this post, Isabel shares her morning routine, her favorite morning drink, and the one thing she does every single morning to ensure she has a great day.

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We've all got a lot on our plates... work, family, household chores, the time with old friends we try to squeeze in every once in a while. It often seems like we start running as soon as we wake up and keep going until we fall into bed each night. With all the tasks on our to do lists, it's no wonder so many of us are stressed.

There are numerous lifestyle and coping techniques for dealing with stress, and luckily, by eating healthy foods rich in the following nutrients, we can improve our chances of getting through our days stress-free.

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I've seen this question asked a lot lately in the New Life Promise Family group: "Isabel, how do you keep up with this way of healthy eating while you're on the road?" The very simple answer is PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING. But then again, that's the answer to eating healthy even when you're not traveling.