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Eating healthy can still mean eating delicious food.
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For those of you who are not fans of breakfast – whether because of a lack of time in the morning or because you don't see the value in eating in the morning (although I'm hopeful your opinion on that has changed since starting the New Life Promise program) – I highly recommend starting with a smoothie.

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There's nothing I love more than family gatherings...

I love spending quality time with my closest family. I love getting dressed up, and making a meal that's absolutely delicious while still being healthy.

Undoubtedly, someone always leaves my house saying, "Wow, what a delicious meal... and it was all healthy?!"

Here is what's on the menu for my family's Easter dinner this year.

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Mornings can be tough, even for the most organized person. With work, kiddos who need to get ready for school, and a to-do list that gets longer by the minute, it may be hard to feel like you can fit in all your healthy habits in the morning. Mornings don't have to be crazy and frantic though! Just a few simple tweaks can help you get a healthy and peaceful start to your day.

In this post, Isabel shares her morning routine, her favorite morning drink, and the one thing she does every single morning to ensure she has a great day.