A wonderful woman by the name of Libby posted this inside our community:

I was reading in Numbers today about the people moaning about missing their food from Egypt, begging Moses for meat, even though God was providing manna for them daily! I thought this was an interesting comparison for our walk with changed eating habits. God has given us all of this delicious, healthy food, but I can at times be cranky about wanting to eat "what I used to or what everyone else gets to eat", even though eating those old foods make my joints hurt and keep me from sleeping well!!! I need to remember ALL He has provided me with and be grateful for the change He is making in my life.

Wow. Thank you, Libby. You are so right and I can certainly relate.

At different points in my life, I have also grumbled, moaned, and complained about what I was eating versus what everyone else could eat.

In my younger years, when I first started learning about health and nutrition, I would see my slim friends eating foods like pizza, takeout, candy, and chips, and they still stayed slim and trim and appeared (at least to me) to be unaffected and healthy.

Meanwhile, I was cooking healthy lunches to bring to school and learning about the importance of protein and blood sugar control, all the while wondering why I had to take these things into account when my friends couldn’t care less about the food they were eating and seemed fine.

Fast forward to my late thirties and forties, my digestion was a bit out of whack, causing me some real issues. Praise the Lord, I was able to heal the problem, but I can remember so clearly having times when I would see all my "health" friends making the most fun healthy meals that included foods that my digestion just couldn’t tolerate at the time, and I would get so upset that I could not eat those meals as well.

But Libby is right. The Lord has provided for us an abundance of delicious foods, as well as healthy ways to prepare some of our old not-so-healthy favorites.

If you too find yourself moaning and grumbling at times about the things you can’t eat versus all of the delicious food you can enjoy, here are a few things to remember...

Healthy food can be delicious. Long gone are the days of dry chicken breast and steamed broccoli to lose weight. Now, we know for a fact (and the results of thousands and thousands of people show) that you can successfully lose weight by eating delicious omelets, pancakes, chili, meatloaf, parmesan chicken, and roasted potatoes. That’s probably the #1 thing we hear from new members… "I can’t believe I get to eat all this delicious food and still lose weight!"

The Lord has a purpose for this. Let’s never forget that our journey is ours, perfectly designed by the Lord. His purposes are greater than ours and sometimes not understandable to our human minds. I am certain that on this health journey, He is growing you and preparing you to be a blessing to others with your health and your new knowledge.

There is a healthy alternative to almost every food you miss. One of my favorite things to do is to take a typical unhealthy meal and find a way to make it healthy. This is how I came up with recipes like healthy pizza, tacos, chicken cordon bleu, chocolate cake, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies. I work on recipes until I get the full thumbs up from my husband, kids, and a few other family members and friends and then you know what I do with them? I share them with you!

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So the next time you are tempted to moan and groan about any part of your health journey, please let this be a reminder that the Lord is seeing you through and we can be grateful for every bit of it.