Have you ever considered that your struggle with food could be a stronghold? Possibly even a form of idol worship or even gluttony? It’s a difficult question to ask and an even more difficult question to answer.One of our wonderful New Life Promise members recently shared her struggle with Diet Coke as a stronghold. Her honesty

Breaking Strongholds: Finding Freedom from Gluttony and Food Idolatry

Let’s dive into a topic that’s super close to my heart: type 2 diabetes. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know this isn’t just any subject for me. My passion for nutrition kicked off with my grandmother and mother, who both had type 2 diabetes. Their journeys sparked my deep dive into

Can Managing Type 2 Diabetes Be This Simple?

One of the most common questions I get when women find our program is,”Isabel, can I still lose weight even though I’m currently navigating menopause?”The answer is a resounding YES, and thousands of women in our community are already seeing and enjoying incredible results. I will turn 51 in October. Before I started the plan,

Can You Actually Lose Weight During Menopause?

If you struggle with cooking, I can totally relate. I was almost 30 years old when I finally learned how to boil water… lol. That may be hard to believe about someone who now has spent years developing and mastering delicious healthy recipes and who loves to spend time cooking. How did I go from cooking amateur to

How to Make Cooking Easy

Are you suffering from arthritis pain? So was one of our wonderful members, Roberta, until she made one tweak in her health plan… I have taken InflamCALM for a month now and I positively love it. I am 81 years old (not quite sure how I got here so fast) and have arthritis in my right knee, hip

One Small Change for Arthritis Sufferers

Is your life crazy? Oh, how so many of us can relate. One of our wonderful members, Brenda, posted this in the community: I am finding it very difficult to stay on the plan. Something always happens like a road trip, weekend at the cabin, my parents like to eat out for every meal. I work 10 hour

I Just Don’t Have Time!

I had a woman share with me last week the impactful shift she made in her life several years ago to finally begin taking care of her body in a way she knew the Lord wanted her to. She had a long history of eating “whatever she wanted” – fast food, sugary desserts, processed foods (we’ve

Lord, What Are We Eating Today?

It’s no secret that water is absolutely critical to our bodies.But while we all know water is important, most of us don’t really think about why it’s important or what we’d do without it. You’ve probably heard the average person can go up to two weeks without food, but did you know we can’t survive

Exploring the Essence of Water

A wonderful woman by the name of Libby posted this inside our community: I was reading in Numbers today about the people moaning about missing their food from Egypt, begging Moses for meat, even though God was providing manna for them daily! I thought this was an interesting comparison for our walk with changed eating habits.

Are You Moaning and Grumbling?