“Non Scale Victory. I started on Nov 13. My blood sugar was consistently running high in the mornings and I couldn’t seem to get it under control. It took 2 days on this plan to get it down to normal and it has stayed normal since. I even took myself off Metformin over a week

Is This Good for Diabetics?

As much as resolutions get a bad rap, I actually like them. I love the start of a New Year and find that it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the things that really worked over the previous year, as well as the things that didn’t. A new calendar year feels like a fresh start and a

My Own New Year’s Resolution

It begins as early as Halloween. Every article, blog post, and advertisement is telling you how NOT to gain weight during the holidays. Telling you… How NOT to eat all that Halloween candy, How NOT to binge on your Thanksgiving meal, and How NOT to eat every Christmas cookie in your office. You see them all over the place, and they are an effort to

Do More than Survive the Holidays

I can’t believe it. I blinked and all of a sudden it was November… lol. I absolutely love this time of year. Yes, I love the decorations and the fun family gatherings, but what I really love the most is the delicious healthy recipes I get to make for each holiday. I love good recipes all year

Your NEW Holiday Mindset

Several years ago, I had a woman in my Bible study who was in the midst of battling many health issues. One of those health issues was type 2 diabetes. She said something to me, that I’ve heard so many times before, and is always so difficult to hear… “My doctor said there is nothing I

The Truth About Type 2 Diabetes

There is a word that has become rather trendy in the health space that you have probably heard countless times… Inflammation. As much as I do my best to stay away from fads and trends, this word should continue to receive as much attention as it has. A majority of the nagging health ailments many people suffer from

Which Is Better for Me, Omega-3 or Turmeric?

I love our New Life Promise community! It’s full of amazing people sharing their lives and journeys to health. And when I see a post like… “I finished week 4 yesterday and down 15 lbs!!” …I’m thrilled! But sometimes, these moments of celebration aren’t so exciting for everyone. After a few posts of people celebrating their weight loss success,

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

In my early 30s, I met a woman who had a bit of a scary experience with a simple Botox procedure. Shortly after, unrelated to the first woman, I met a few other women who were experiencing some challenging side effects from what they thought was the result of the Botox and fillers they had

Botox, Fillers, and Injectables

If you haven’t heard of turmeric, or you’re wondering why everyone is running to add this bright yellow spice to everything they drink or eat, here’s the lowdown… Turmeric is now considered by many experts to be the single most powerful and beneficial herb on the planet for combatting and preventing disease. WOW! Now that’s something

Is Turmeric Too Good to Be True?