I've always hated shows like The Biggest Loser. It's not that I don't appreciate the fact that the show's contestants have made a great decision to take care of their health. It's the horrifying weight loss tactics and extreme exercising that makes this nutritionist absolutely cringe.

I know, I know... it's just TV, and reality TV is not really "reality." But unfortunately, many people watch these shows, see the participants lose weight, and think this is a healthy solution to their weight loss struggles. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And it's not even the nutrition part that is all that bad. That part of the show is actually borderline "OK" (borderline). It's the over-the-top exercise requirements that make me want to yell at the TV, "Stop, please just stop."

Many of these contestants have been sedentary for quite some time. Yes, they definitely need to be active to reach their health goals, but just like I wouldn't expect you to be ready to run a marathon after walking your first mile, I hate seeing these people exercising at such intense levels after years of an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

You may not know this about me, but before I decided to become a full-time nutritionist, I was also a personal trainer for 15 years. I was always more passionate about the nutrition part of my clients' health journeys, but I was good at teaching the exercise part as well, and my undergraduate degree is in Exercise Science.

My first job as a trainer was at the Equinox health club in New York City. This place was pretty "fancy pants," but I really learned so much there about the best way to approach losing weight without resorting to extreme, unhealthy measures. My clients were often shocked at how quickly they would see results even though our workouts were enjoyable. They thought the whole process had to be grueling and painful, but I would teach them how that approach was often counterproductive.

I had more of a "let's love our bodies into health" rather than a "no pain, no gain" approach. Funny... I was not yet a Christian then, but somehow I knew that treating our bodies with love and kindness (like our Heavenly Father would want) was always the best approach.

The other thing that often shocked my clients was how nagging injuries and prior aches and pains would quickly get better after just a few weeks of our workouts. That's because I approached their exercise programming from a more functional perspective and took into consideration the movements of real, everyday life.

And now I want to share this way of approaching exercise with all of you! I have put together an incredible program that is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to get into great shape in an enjoyable, easy-to-follow way... without any of the extreme dangerous tactics!

My BodyFIT Foundations exercise program will give you everything you need to lose weight, strengthen your body, and feel energetic in a way that is restorative and nourishing to your body.

Sure, you'll be challenged. Sure, you're feel sore after your workouts, but it will be just the right amount of challenge and soreness so you can recover well and continue to exercise in a realistic and enjoyable way.

I designed this program to be exactly what I would do with a client when they first came to me. We would cover all the "foundational" principles of a great workout program so that, not only would they see results in their weight loss and body toning, they would also be protecting their body from injury and pain.

BodyFIT Foundations is a perfect fit for you if you...

  • Have been away from the routine of exercise and want to jump back in to working out in a safe and effective way.
  • Have been sedentary for quite some time and need a realistic way to start exercising.
  • Enjoy structure and routine and the ease of someone telling you exactly what to do each day.
  • Don't have hours to dedicate to working out and need something simple you can do at home in 20 minutes.
  • Want to take care of your body in a loving way, as the Lord would.

Here's exactly what you'll get inside my BodyFIT Foundations program...

  1. Six Follow-Along Exercise Videos: You and I will be working out together in the comfort of our homes, and I will be guiding your every move. Each video is 20 minutes or less, so you don't need hours in your day to complete the workout. I have also chosen specific scripture verses to focus on during each workout and a special prayer to get our workout started focusing on the Lord and what He has planned for us.
  2. An Easy-to-Follow Exercise Guide: Most exercise plans are unnecessarily and overwhelmingly complicated, leading people to quit before they even get going. Not BodyFIT Foundations! I'm giving you an easy-to-follow exercise guide to get you started on the right foot, covering everything you need to know.
  3. Monthly Workout Calendar: This simple and straightforward 4-week calendar shows you exactly which workouts to perform on which days, when to incorporate foam rolling, and which days to include a gentle walk or take off for rest. You can repeat this 4-week cycle as many times as you desire for continued strength building. Easy peasy!
  4. God-Focused Workout Cards: These cards break down everything you need to know for each workout and include a specific focus and bible verses to help you deepen your faith while you strengthen your body to meet all your most important goals. You'll also get cards to break down your warm-up, foam rolling, and stretches!

If you've been wondering how to best approach an exercise program, or have had a hard time getting started, this program may be just the answer to your workout struggles.

Join me in not only nourishing our bodies in a way that is glorifying to God, but also move and exercise our bodies in a loving way.

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