Is your life crazy?

Oh, how so many of us can relate.

One of our wonderful members, Brenda, posted this in the community:

I am finding it very difficult to stay on the plan. Something always happens like a road trip, weekend at the cabin, my parents like to eat out for every meal. I work 10 hour days and am too exhausted to make a meal. I prep my lunch and breakfast every week. I can’t even find time to grocery shop when I am away for the weekend. Any advice? Should I wait for a better time?

I’m so glad Brenda came into the community for some help and advice because she got so many wonderful suggestions that I wanted to share with you today (along with my own strategies).

Pray. I know you know this one well, but this list would not have been complete without the reminder that whenever we are in any struggle in our life, our first defense is to go to the Lord in prayer. If He put it on your heart to take better care of the beautiful temple He blessed you with, He will certainly make a way.

Start with breakfast. If you can only do minimal planning and preparation, start with breakfast. It is absolutely amazing what happens when you start your day off with a good dose of healthy protein, carbs, and fat, all from clean ingredients.

Pick something super easy that can be made ahead of time and you can just “grab and go.” My husband eats 2 hard-boiled eggs (I hard boil a dozen at a time for everyone to grab) and a piece of my healthy banana bread every single morning and he loves it. It’s easy for him and he looks forward to it every day.

Know what to order when eating out. If you haven’t watched my video about eating out, you can watch it HERE. I start talking about eating out around the 4:35 mark (although the whole 10-minute video is full of great info).

When looking at any menu, I always look for a healthy protein first. That could be some chicken, fish, eggs, or lean beef. Next, look to see what healthy carb options are available. That may be rice, a white potato or sweet potato, or possibly just a big plate full of vegetables.

The most important thing is not to be afraid to ask questions. Specifically, you want to know whether the food items may be breaded, fried, or drowning in sauce. Most restaurants now are accustomed to making changes and are extremely accommodating.

Keep snacks simple. This one is actually so easy… easier than most people think. At any given time, if you see me out, I can guarantee you there is a bag of raw nuts in my purse. If I am ever caught somewhere much later than I had planned, I know I have a small snack with me to tide me over until I can get to my next meal. Ideally, I also have an apple or a banana with me to go along with it or I can find one while I’m out.

The combination of crunch and sweet is so satisfying and the good combo of protein, carbs, healthy fat and fiber keeps me satisfied and keeps my blood sugar stable. Having an easy snack like this handy will help prevent those moments where you just grab a bag of chips or a cookie at the convenience store or vending machine.

Drink your water. People often underestimate the power of water. They know it's good for them, but can it really help them lose weight? The answer is a resounding yes! If you’re not already in the habit of making water your drink of choice, today is a great day to start.

Just start by replacing one drink that you know is not a good choice for you, and replace it with water. I know, nothing exciting about that, but I promise you the results will be exciting.

Next, you may want to get yourself an inexpensive water bottle to help you track the amount of water you’re drinking each day. Finding one you really like will increase the chances you will carry it around with you and naturally start to drink more water throughout the day.

I know it would be ideal if life was perfectly set up for us to follow a healthy meal plan with no interruptions, but that’s not realistic for absolutely anyone.

Since we know there is no such thing as a “perfect time,” it's better to start with some small steps in the right direction than to give up on the goal entirely.

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