I had a woman share with me last week the impactful shift she made in her life several years ago to finally begin taking care of her body in a way she knew the Lord wanted her to.

She had a long history of eating "whatever she wanted" – fast food, sugary desserts, processed foods (we've all been there) – and as her health began spiraling out of control, she knew the Lord was calling her to make a change.

But that change was hard, very hard. You and I can probably relate to that too, because when you've been eating a certain way for such a long time, it can be difficult to just make big changes overnight.

But the next thing she shared with me was so amazing...

"Isabel, the moment I was finally able to truly commit to eating healthy and living my life a different way is when I started asking myself at every meal... Lord, what are we eating today? We, as in me and Jesus, together."

She shared with me that the moment she realized God was with her in absolutely everything she did that day, including eating, was the moment she began to look at food and meals in a completely different way.

I found myself in a similar situation, not with my eating, but when it came time to teach my little Marcos how to read. Because it was so easy to teach my oldest, Christian, how to read, I thought it would also be smooth sailing with Marcos. Boy, was I wrong. Every child is so different, and my little guy just needed some more time and a different style of learning.

It required so much patience and understanding on my part and, admittedly, I became frustrated more often than I would like to admit.

But I can remember the moment I asked the Lord to literally sit beside me as we went through those lessons with Marcos and right before our teaching sessions I would say, "Lord, how are we teaching Marcos to read today?"

If you have found yourself in moments of struggle, or falling into some of your past unhealthy habits and routines, I encourage you to begin asking this wonderful question... Lord, what are we eating today?

And if the Lord answers Chick-Fil-A and chocolate cake, well then, I guess it's party time 🙂

I'm kidding, of course, but I pray that just this simple reminder that the Lord is truly walking with you every day and encouraging you to make the best choices for yourself will help you on the journey to health.

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