Do you ever wonder why some people seem to lose weight so easily while others struggle to make the scale move even 1 ounce?

You know, the ones who maybe eat just one extra healthy food that week and, all of a sudden, they've lost 2 pounds? While others (maybe even you) follow every healthy rule in the book, only to see tiny creeps of change in your body?

I've definitely questioned this phenomenon often as a practicing nutritionist for over 20 years now. And to serve my clients and group members to the highest level, I really needed to figure out the missing link that separated the most successful clients from those who continued to struggle with their health and weight.

Why was it that some clients...

  • Felt satiated, satisfied, and free of cravings following their new meal plans;
  • Saw decreases in the scale at a healthy rate and saw changes in their bodies consistently; and
  • Kept the weight off and maintained their healthy habits for months and years to come

While others - who had the same meal plans and nutrition information - continued to struggle and stay stuck in their old unhealthy habits?

Some of my most successful members will tell you they didn't have some sort of superhuman discipline or motivation. They had the same struggles as everyone else, the same 24 hours in a day, and very similar resources and information as those around them.

So what was it?

This may sound too simple to be true, but it really was just... ENERGY.

When your body is producing the right amount of energy on a daily basis, everything just falls so easily into place.

  • Your metabolism burns fat and carbs at a rate that is healthy and gives you the energy to accomplish your daily tasks.
  • You sleep well at night, therefore feeling much more energized the next day to meal prep, walk, and stick to your healthy eating plan.
  • You don't experience energy crashes throughout the day and therefore don't need chocolate, carbs, or tons of caffeine to overcome them.

When you feel like your body is running on all cylinders, the cravings, the struggles, the plateaus just naturally fall away.

And I'm not talking about "fake" overly caffeinated, artificial energy that comes from dangerous stimulants, energy drinks, or loads of coffee. I'm talking about the smooth, stable energy your body is designed to produce to help you feel like you can take on each day without crashing.

If stable, feel-good energy is something you are currently struggling with, I have something special to help you with just that...

My brand new superfood greens powder, ENERGIZE.

I designed this superfoods powder with you in mind...

  • You want to nourish your body with just the right nutrients and none of the unnecessary extras.
  • You want to choose the highest quality supplements without breaking your budget.
  • You want to ensure that if you're spending your time and money on a supplement, it will actually produce results.

I completely understand, and I have worked hard to ensure that only the very best is in ENERGIZE, without any of the nasty fillers and artificial ingredients you don't need.

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