When people ask me,

"Isabel, what do you think God has to do with weight loss and health?"

I excitedly reply...


Hear me out on this one.

Let's say I was an artist and I made you a sculpture as a gift. It was a beautiful piece of art and you took it home and put it on your shelf where you and others could admire it. Because you loved it so much, you would dust it and clean it several times a week, and just looking at it made you smile. Every so often, you would even call me and say, "Thank you so much for the beautiful sculpture. I just love it."

Now let's say I was an artist and I made you a sculpture as a gift and, sure, you thought it was kind of nice, but you really didn't feel like taking care of one more thing in your home. You did dust it and clean it every once in a while, but you really only did that out of guilt because you thought I might get mad at you if you didn't. You also never really thanked me for it.

In both scenarios above, you did take care of the gift I gave you, but in the first scenario you did so out of love and appreciation, and in the second you did so out of guilt and obligation.

I truly believe this mental shift is the difference between people who are able to improve their health and lose weight long term, and those who are in a constant struggle with their unhealthy habits.

Who is the artist in the scenario above?

God... our creator, who so perfectly made us and molded us in His image, with these beautiful and perfect bodies that can reach a wonderful level of health. We can either appreciate our bodies as beautiful gifts with love, or we can be burdened by our bodies and not see them as gifts at all.

"But Isabel, my body is not 'perfect.' I have diabetes, a slow thyroid, bad knees, arthritis [or insert whatever your body may be going through right now]."

Yes, I know sometimes it feels like our bodies are not so perfect and do not cooperate with us, but I firmly believe that if we do everything we can to take great care of ourselves, God can take over the rest.

In other words...

Control what you can control and let God control the rest.

After 20 years of being a nutritionist and helping millions of people, in person and on the Internet all over the world, I have come to realize that weight loss is more of a mental and spiritual game than it is a physical one.

If you're reading this and you've been in a battle with your weight and your eating for many years, this is most likely very true for you. You know all the "right" things to do. You know what you're "supposed to" be eating. But you just can't seem to get yourself to stick with it.


This is the very question that led me to dig deep and create what I believe holds the answers for many people struggling with their weight and their bodies right now.

Maybe you don't need another diet.

Maybe you don't need another weight loss supplement.

Maybe you don't need another exercise program.

The solution may be something much deeper. Something you've never tried before.

That's what you will discover in the New Life Promise program.

I lovingly encourage you to consider that your struggle with your weight could be so much more than just the food you're eating each day. And the best part is, you may only need a short time to make the shift you need.

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