Do you feel like no matter what you do, your body just won’t cooperate with you?

If you've been trying for years to lose weight or feel comfortable in your own skin, and you’re scared that you're going to be stuck where you are forever, then my new book is for you.

A New Life Promise: How to Heal Your Body, Find Joy, and Bring Glory to God contains absolutely no recipes, no meal plans, and zero exercise recommendations.


Because healing and change don’t come from a place of fear and hate. Transformation of your body, your heart, and your mind can only come from a place of love. You cannot heal a body you hate. That’s why this book was designed to help you heal and transform your emotional life first. Repair what has been hurt and broken, so the healing of your body can eventually follow. You’ll learn to allow God's grace and love to heal you in a whole new way.

A New Life Promise is a gentle, love-driven guide to help you create a peaceful and loving relationship with the beautiful temple God gave you. It invites you to look at yourself through God’s eyes, and to learn to trust handing the reins of your journey of healing and weight loss to Him.

So, even if you feel broken right now God can put all of your pieces back together.

My goal for this book is to help you see the truth in that statement and start to see yourself on this journey as He does. My prayer for you in this process is to transform the combative relationship you have with your body and food, and to instead have a peaceful and loving relationship with the vessel God gave you and the nourishment He provides us.

I pray that through this book you and I can go on that beautiful journey together.

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