I've been asked several times inside our New Life Promise community,

"Isabel, as I continue to lose weight, is there any way to tighten up the sagging skin that is left behind?"

The good news is, the answer is YES. There are several things you can do to improve the elasticity of your skin and tighten it up as you continue to lose weight (see my top 3 tips below).

But your results will be dependent on how much you've lost, over how much time, and your current age. Other factors can come into play here as well, like how many times you have lost and gained weight in the past, your current and past exercise regimen, and any health challenges you may be experiencing now or in the past.

But none of those are reason not to do the best you can where you are right now. Even if you are experiencing quite a bit of sagging skin, I would encourage you to do your very best and you will still see great results.

Top 3 Tips for Sagging and Loose Skin

Tip #1 -> Strength Training / Weight Training

Many of my clients and members are often surprised when my top exercise recommendation is some form of strength training as opposed to just doing cardio. Sure, doing cardiovascular exercise has many wonderful benefits for your heart and muscles, but many of those benefits can also be achieved by doing the right type of strength training, with the added benefit of toned and tightened skin as well.

The best form of strength training, especially for beginners, is full bodyweight-bearing that are going to tone and tighten, while strengthening at the same time. The best routine is one where you do these exercises one right after the other in order to keep your heart rate up the whole time. Voila... strength training and cardio at the same time.

If you haven't already taken the time to use the exercise videos inside my BodyFIT Foundations program, those workouts follow that exact methodology of incorporating strength training exercises that will also increase your heart rate.

Tip #2 -> Keep your skin hydrated... water, water, and more water.

If you're having a hard time getting in all your recommended water each day, here's yet another great reason to grab that water bottle and ensure your skin is getting the hydration it needs. Skin that is hydrated is much softer and less prone to wrinkling and sagging than dehydrated skin. Ask any esthetician what the secret to beautiful skin is and, if they're honest and not just trying to sell you their latest cream (LOL), they will tell you the secret is WATER. My recommendation is to get a minimum of ½ your bodyweight in ounces each day. Even at my small stature, I drink about 1 gallon of water each day, and I can tell a big difference in my skin, my hair, my bathroom habits, and my energy when I don't.

Tip #3 -> Increase your body's collagen stores.

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen. That is why your skin looks incredibly different at 40, 50 ,and 60 years old versus what it looked like in your 20s and 30s. I've shared with you before that I am a huge fan of increasing the body's collagen stores in 2 ways... drinking a quality bone broth and supplementing with a high-quality collagen supplement each day. I even travel with my collagen when I'm away from home because I have seen it make sure a difference in my skin, my hair, and my digestion over the past several years.

I put 1 scoop of SkinREJUV, my collagen complex, in my morning drink, and another scoop in my afternoon peppermint tea around 3pm.

This is my favorite Collagen powder -> Live Smart Nutritionals Collagen Complex

Be sure to let me know how the above tips work for you, and the difference you begin to see in your skin!