The many benefits of Omega-3s are becoming common knowledge, with even most doctors recommending Omega-3 supplements to their patients. With this increase in popularity, you may be wondering whether or not Omega-3s are a good fit for you and your current health goals.

With the list of benefits that come from including this easy-to-take supplement in your routine, I can confidently say yes! For most people, an Omega-3 supplement can be a game changer when it comes to their health.

Why should you include Omega-3s in your diet?

Omega-3s have been shown to...

  • Improve risk factors for heart disease
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Help to normalize blood pressure
  • Decrease bad LDL cholesterol and assist in increasing good HDL cholesterol
  • Reduce overall inflammation in the body
  • Improve eye health and vision
  • Stabilize blood sugar and improve insulin resistance
  • Accelerate metabolism and enhance weight loss
  • Help hair growth and smooth skin
  • Improve bone and joint health
  • Fight depression and anxiety

Wow! With a list like that, it's no wonder Omega-3 has become one of the most popular supplements on that market.

Can you get enough Omega-3s from food?

Supplements should always be, well, a "supplement" to good wholesome foods. I always believe in food first before supplementation, and the following foods are a great addition to your daily meals to increase your intake of Omega-3s each day:

  • Wild-caught fish, especially salmon, mackerel, and herring
  • Canned fish such as sardines and anchovies
  • Flaxseeds and chia seeds
  • Walnuts

The challenge with these foods is that the most abundant amount of Omega-3s do come from fish sources. Many people don't eat fish daily, whether that is because of taste preference or availability. It is also not advised to eat fish every day because of the potential mercury content (although the ones suggested above are lowest in mercury). So, even if you are having fish a few times per week and including some nuts and seeds in your diet, chances are you are still not getting the recommended amount each day. That is why supplementation is often recommended and needed.

How do you find the best Omega-3 supplement?

Supplements in general are much more accessible these days, which is very convenient but can also be very dangerous. Many supplements can now be found at your local grocery store, pharmacy, or big-name online retailer... but this does not mean they are of the best quality. Many times, it is just the opposite.

Let's start with online retailers, specifically Amazon. You can find pretty much anything on Amazon... I mean anything! Unfortunately, many of the products sold are knock-offs and not regulated properly. Many years ago, I would often purchase supplements and food items on Amazon, but now I absolutely don't under any circumstances. They have been so many cases of Amazon sellers buying knock-off products, relabeling them to look like the original, and then selling them on Amazon for a lower price. This is not only annoying; it is downright dangerous.

If you are going to buy supplements online, I highly recommend you purchase straight from the company, even if it is a little more expensive. Not only will you be ensuring you are getting the actual product, but you will also have a company you can easily contact if something is not right. (Have you ever tried to contact an Amazon seller? They make it virtually impossible to reach a human if you have issues with your order - it's all automated and sometimes complicated.)

What about stores like Costco?

Wholesale stores like Costco now also carry a variety of supplements, often at much cheaper prices than you can find at a regular supermarket, pharmacy, or online. Because these types of wholesale stores do not specialize in supplements or health items, they do not typically carry the highest quality supplements available. Even when they do have a brand I recognize and consider to be "good," I am wary of the shelf life and how long it has been there. This is particularly important with Omega-3s as you do not want to purchase one that has gone rancid with time.

I absolutely love Costco (and similar warehouse stores) for bulk paper items, household goods, and some food items. I can check the expiration date and the actual food item for freshness, and they have some great deals! But I do not purchase any supplements at these types of stores.

Why Live Smart Nutritionals?

With every supplement and everything you put in your body, quality is of the utmost importance. That is why I worked hard to find, source, and produce one of the highest-quality Omega-3 supplements now available.

We are excited to now have OmegaPURE as part of our Live Smart Nutritionals line of supplements.

With OmegaPURE, you can feel confident knowing you are giving your body the purest form of Omega-3s without any added fillers or dangerous rancid oils that are found in many on-the-shelf Omega-3 products.

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