I received this email from an acquaintance the other day…

“Isabel, my girlfriend is really struggling with some digestive issues. I don’t know many of the details, but would your eating plan be good for her?”

I get questions similar to this one all the time. People will name an ailment or a symptom and ask if the New Life Promise program would be a good fit for them.

I say this with modesty, but the answer is typically YES, not because I have created the best nutrition program out in the world, but because the health principles we teach in this program are the foundational principles of any good health and nutrition program.

You see, even though there are so many nutrition programs available today, all of the ones that are effective for long-term, healthy weight loss all have a few key principles in common.

Notice I said long-term and healthy. Because, sure, anyone can figure out how to lose weight using drastic, extreme measures, but what we have seen time and time again is that those extreme strategies only end up in greater weight gain after the program is complete.

These are the things I find most important to consider when determining whether or not an eating plan would be a good long-term nutrition solution for your weight loss and health goals.

#1 - Who is the teacher?

I would love for everyone in the world to enjoy the way I teach, but that’s just not realistic. My approach has always been one that is soft and gentle and that works for some, but not everyone.

Some people need army drill sergeant style, while others might need a detailed scientist. Some people respond better to females while others respond better to males.

This seems like such a small detail, but I assure you it's not. Many people have shared with me that they began to fall off the wagon on a program because they just didn’t mesh well with the person teaching.

It’s good to consider your values and what you consider the most important things in your life. I can tell you that, for me, it is very important that the teachers I listen to have God in their life. This doesn’t just go for health, but also for business, for homeschooling, and for homemaking.

#2 - The foundation is food, not products.

So many programs today tell you that they “have made it easy for you” because all you have to do is open a package, reheat, and eat… but what are you learning from that? I would argue that you are learning the exact opposite of what you need to learn in order to enjoy long-term weight loss and health success.

Preparing and nourishing our bodies with great food does take some forethought and it does take some time.

Thankfully, there are ways to make this easier on yourself that don’t require pre-packaged food products. You can follow meal plans like the ones found in the New Life Promise program. You can batch cook so you have food readily available in the freezer and in the refrigerator. You can create new routines so healthy eating just becomes second nature to you.

The foundation of any quality health program should be the delicious food the Lord has provided for us from His earth.

This does not mean there aren’t some products that can help us along the way. I personally love to add a quality greens powder, collagen, Omega-3s, and turmeric to most people’s health regimen, but even those things are not absolutely necessary for long-term health success. They can be very helpful, but they are not required.

#3 - Elimination is not the answer.

If a program is promoting heavy restrictions on certain foods or, even worse, entire food groups, it may be worth thinking twice about.

In a world filled with extremes, I see people take elimination diets way too far.

No grains, no fruits, and now there are even some diets that eliminate all vegetables and only have you eat meat all day.

To me, that immediately puts up some red flags. I say it all the time,

“The best eating plan to lose weight is one that you can eat for a lifetime.”

Again, this is why our program along with programs that are rooted in wholesome foods, are truly the ones that prove the longest success rate among those who begin a healthy eating program. Not only does the eating plan feel doable, it feels doable for a lifetime.

As you continue this health road that you are on alongside the Lord, always remember that the basics of healthy eating are quite simple and have truly lasted the test of time.

So the next time someone asks you, “Will your eating plan help me with (insert health issue)”, chances are you can confidently say “Yes, and here is why.”

If you're ready to live a better, healthier life, look no further than the New Life Promise plan!

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